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API OH1 OH2 Chemical Pump



Chemical pump


Pumps are single stage. horizontal,radically split volute pump. The Casing is centerline supporting and equipped with single radically impeller. Axially inlet and radically outlet.The pump adopt wear ring and balancing hole to realize the hydraulic balance,Shaft seal adopts AP1682 Standard mechanical seal and flushing plan.Standard  piping design in accordance with API standard. which can cooling the centerline supporting pump .The suction flange rating pressure grade is the equal to discharge flange. Pumps rotation is clockwise viewed from motor end.

Medium transfer Liquid:

Organic acid and inorganic acid,such as sulfuric acid ,hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid, etc ,Alkaline solution of various concentrations of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.All kinds of liquid petroleum products,organic and other corrosive materials and products .

Parameter range:

CapacityQ =10-560m3/h
HeadH =11-260m
TemperatureT =20-300C 


*For pumping clearn or slightly polluted ,cold or hot ,chemically neutral or aggressive liquids.
*In refineries,petrochemical industry,coal processing and low temperaturer engineering.
*In chemical industry,fiber and general processing and industries,particularly in paper and pulp industries,sugar industry .
*In water supply seawater desalination plants.
*In heating and air conditioning .
*In fossile and nuclear power stations.
*In enviromental protection engineering .
*In ship and offshore industries .


  • Rated performance and the size of pump depends on API610 11th.

  • The size of cavity for assembling mechanical seal and soft packing depends on API610 11th.

  • The structure do not need disassemble the piping system can remove the rotor parts for maintenance.

  • The pump's discharge and pipeline located at the middle top of pump ,the pump body stength even with small vibration.

  • low noise.

Totally Manufacturing according to API610 11th version ..
Seal plan : P11 ,P23,P32,P11+61,P11+53A...depend on the liquids temperature and working condition requirment .
Brand can be chose : colossus, burgmann,John crane.
Motor can be chose :
China brand: Jiamusi, shanghai motor , nanyang motor , shenyang motor or others .
Aborad brand: Siemens, ABB, WEG.



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