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API BB1 Axially Split Pump



BB1 Double Volute Split Pump



1. Less noise

2. Stable running and reliable, long service life


Product Description:

Split Pump is single stage double suction split volute centrifugal pump. Widely used in power plant, irrigation, water works,drainage pumping stations, water circulation in air conditioning,industrial water supply, building water supply, fire control system, ships and other water conditions.Also suitable for general purposes in oil refining industry.

Flow: Q 11600 m3 / h or less head: h 200 m or less pressure: P acuities were 2.5 MPa (5 MPa) temperature: T 120 ºC or less to ensure smooth operation, low noise, long service life.


Performance Range:

· Capacity: Q ≤ 11600 m3/h  

· Head:       H ≤ 200 m

· Pressure:   P ≤ 2.5MPa(5MPa)

· Temperature: T ≤120ºC



Split Pump are single stage double suction with axially split volute casing centrifugal pumps. The pumps are widely applied in fields of power plant, irrigation, water supply,  pump station

for water discharging, circulation water for air conditioner, industry water supply, building industry water supply, fire fighting system, shipbuilding industry, as well as general service in

oil refineries.


Structure Features Shaf:

The shaft is shorten designed with good stiffness and no vibration

The shaft is ensured to contact to liquid so no corrosion to have longer sevice time.

Exchangeable shaft sleeve.

No need of adjusting during assembling.


Seal system :

Equip proper seals type with auxiliary system according to different duties.

Adequate seals chamber space for maintenance


High Pressure of impeller :

The double suction design minimized axial force.

Optional impeller seals ring .

Excellent hydraulic performance.


New design of casing :

Linear type design.

Shorter between bearings support with shorter shaft correspondingly.

Flanges are connected with longer preloaded bolt without leakage.

Same rotor part can be operated in reverse rotation.

Double volute casing to meet head requirement.

Pump cover is easy for essembling and auto-adjusting.


Bearing Part  :

The close of grease lubricated rolling bearings have long working time.

Open type packing gland has adequate space for easy maintenance.


High efficiency and significant Anti-Cavitation :

Big suction area ,no vortex,steady performance.

Calculation of the relation between pressure distribution and speed inside pump by hydraulic software analysis optimized liquid way design.

High effciency of hydraulic diagram,improve pump efficiency and significant anti-cavitation.




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