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Vertical Multistage Condensate Pump 


  1. Vertical multistage pump

  2. The impeller is enclosed


Type LDTN and LDTNA Condensate Drain Pump are used for pumping condensating water in condenser of thermal (nuclear) plant, also be used for pumping other media which are

similar to water in physical and chemical proper-tics.It range of performance are as follows:Capacity:85~1940m³/h Head: 48~360m  Temperature of medium: 80ºC (special is up to



Performance Range:

Capacity: 85~1940m3/h

Head: 48~360m

Temperature: 80ºC (Special is up to 150ºC)


Structure Features:

Type LDTN and LDTNA Heat-engine Plant Pump are vertical multi-stage columnar pumps. The suction and discharge nozzles of pumps are respectively arranged on the barrel and

discharge seat and both can be altered on place of 180ºC, 90ºC or many degrees. The impeller is closed and the first impeller has two kinds of construction of single or double suction.

Several positions of pump are fitted with water-lubrication bearing so as to bear the radial thrust of rotor. The axial thrust of rotor is balanced by thrust bearing on motor.

Pump rotor and line shaft are connected by cutting columnar coupling and connected by tread columnar coupling for smaller pump. Pump rotor and motor shaft are connected by

flanged solid coupling.Shaft seal is soft-packing, the mechanical seal can be assembled according to the special requirements.

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Bearing :

The pump has many water-ltihrication bearings so that bear redial thrust of rotor ,one balancing drum and a pair of thrusting ball bearing are arranged on type LDTN(A.B)--P pump ,

Use to be balance the axial thrust ,other forms of thrust bearing the axial force on the pump motor.



Pump rotor and line shaft are connected by cutting columnar coupling .the connection between pump rotor and motor shaft has two way: the axial thrust is balanced by pump itself

which is connected by flexible coupling.


Shaft seal:

Shaft seal is soft-packing and machanical seal,  it can be assembled according to special requirements.



The rotating direction of pump are designed counter-clickwise when overlooking.


system :

Sealing water: shaft seal must be provided sealing water from outside ,the water quality is condensation water,capacity is 0.3-0.5m3/h, water pressure is 0.2-0.4 Mpa, water

temperature is no more than 38C.

Cooling water: water quality for industrial water after softening ,water temperature is no more than 38C,water pressure is 0.3Mpa, motors with more than 560KW are installed bearing

cooler,which are provided cooling water from outside ,capacity is 8-12m3/h,water pressure is 0.1-0.2Mpa.


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